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Stylus Pens

Stylus Pens

Promotional stylus pens bridge the gap between the old and the new, making them perfect for giveaways and promotions. While they write beautifully on paper, they're also perfect for texting and using smartphones, cell phones, tablets or any touch screen devices without damaging or smudging the screen. Many of our custom stylus pens ome with screen cleaners to enhance the usability of digital devices.

Straddling the analogue world of pens and paper and the digital world of styluses and electronics, the personalized stylus pens from the Promotional Pen Store make great gifts, whether you're rewarding employees for a job well done or catering to a diverse crowd of older and younger customers. Our custom stylus pens are as stylish and good looking as they are practical, meaning that everyone will appreciate getting one. Featuring your personal message and logo, a promo stylus pen can enhance your business or nonprofit by boosting name recognition. Since it will be used on paper as well as on digital devices, a custom stylus ballpoint pen combo will get more use than a ballpoint or stylus alone, meaning that it will do double duty marketing for you.

At the Promotional Pen Store, you can get a custom stylus pen with your own unique message in your choice of font and font color. You can also select from dozens of styles and a multitude of colors that range from conservative blacks and whites to shimmering silvers and neon pinks, purples and oranges. Pick from a variety of styles, including models with the stylus at one end and the ballpoint pen at the other as well as styluses that incorporate a retractable ballpoint pen into the stylus tip. We also carry personalized stylus pens in twist pen style.

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